Why Us? - Sunseeker

Sunseeker has been creating swimwear that is the essence of the beach culture since 1970.

We put a lot of heart and passion into what we do and we have been doing it for a long time, creating a strong heritage behind our brand.


Environmental Sustainability 

Environmental friendliness is one of our top priorities. All our product packaging are cut down in an effort to reduce paper and plastic usage.

When you purchase from us, not only are you buying into our premium quality, fabric and great fit, you are also contributing to reducing environmental waste.


Swimwear Sold Separately

Many swimwear companies sell swimsuits together as means to reduce manufacturing costs, inventory management and stock levels to name a few.
Sunseeker commits to designing, managing and selling tops and bottoms sold separately so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

Premium Second Skin Feel Fabric

All the materials used in our swimwear go through rigorous quality control and we ensure that these standards are met before made available. 
When worn, Sunseeker swimsuits feel as if they are part of you making you feel more comfortable and more confident with your own body.
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